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So if you’ve paid the new(ish) home a visit you may of noticed our beer selection wasn’t the best, in fact that’s an understatement it was woeful! To help fix this we’ve teamed up with Meantime Brewery. We’ve added two new beer lines carrying London Lager and their Seasonal beer as well as stocking up on pale. This now means you can grab Amstel, Staropramen, Symonds Cider, Gunness and the Meantime range on draught now

We’ve had the beer for a week but the font has begun regenerating into it’s new form.


We’ve also stocked some of the more interesting bottled range they do like the Chocolate Porter and Raspberry Wheat, but we’re not stopping here with beer there’s a few more additions on the way and we haven’t completely forsaken Ale drinkers, that Ale tap we have is coming out of retirement soon.

"Ale be back!"

“Ale be back!”


If there’s a beer (or any other drink) you think we should have let us know!

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    The bar from afar


    You may of been watching TV lately and thinking you’ve seen the background somewhere before, first up was our 15 seconds of fame in The Apprentice, if not here’s a picture just to prove you/we weren’t drunkenly imagining the whole thing.


    Jimmy was distraught that Nick Hewer wasn’t the aide and despite making everyone get up at 9am to play an awful board game but any chance to get on BBC1 without it being on Crimewatch is appreciated.

    You may also of seen Video Game Nation on Challenge TV (Yep the one that shows Bullseye and Knightmare and pretty much only those shows) every week our games area is giving an hour in the make up chair and made to look beautiful while Ginx TV film part of the show here. If you haven’t seen it, it’s not supposed to be online but someone has broken the law to upload it for your viewing pleasure here

    GinxIf you want to catch the show in it’s legal format it’s on Saturday at 10am on Challenge or at the more friendly time of 12.30 am Sunday morning.


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      Professor Sakamoto Live


      So once in a while an email comes in that grabs our attention, this one first of all stood out as the sender was called Professor Sakamoto, wondering if the science world had finally cottoned on to our drink creations and were offering us a nobel prize we read on. Rather than accolades from the world of science however, Professor Sakamoto is a musician who creates music while strapping different consoles to his head.


      That was all we needed to hear and as part of a rare visit to the UK he’s playing in the bar December 2nd and it’s FREE so there’s no reason not to come down (unless you hate chip tune music) If you’re still not convinced you can see the man in action here


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        Venue FAQ


        We’ve had a fair few people getting in touch to gather details about our latest home so this piece is hopefully a one stop place for all the frequently asked questions.

        1) What games do you have?

        Console wise we’ve got WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Snes and PlayStation 4.

        2) Is there a board game list I can see somewhere?

        There sure is it’s here


        Our Board game Bunker

        3) Can I book a table?

        Yep we don’t charge anything for a table booking beyond the usual request of everyone playing games taking a drink, you can book using the contact form or tweet us.

        4) Are there any regular events?

        Yep we have Table Top every Tuesday which features a new game that anyone could win simply by playing the main game

        Wednesday night is when our Redtooth Poker happens with free entry

        One Life Left bring Marioke almost every Third Thursday

        Once a month Quinn’s of Shut Up and Sit Down Fame hosts a Netrunner tournament for all ability levels

        You can find all our hosted events on eventbrite or the latest one on the home page



        5) Do you do food?

        We don’t have a kitchen so anyone drinking can order in or hunt their own food by all means just remember if it’s Domino’s to offer us some!

        6) Disabled Access

        The basement unfortunately isn’t disabled access however our ground floor is step free and has a disabled toilet.

        7) I saw this drink on your site and want it?

        If there’s a specific drink we’ve made in the past but don’t have on our current menu just drop us a message a day or two before and we’ll do our best to lay it on for your visit.

        Ocarina of lime.

        Sugar and Splice

        8) Are Pets Allowed?

        Yep as long as they are as well behaved as the average person you can bring your cat/dog/ferret/pokemon

        A horse can walk into the bar

        A horse can walk into a bar

        9) Can I bring my own games?

        Sure if you want to set up a game of Artemis bridge simulator but your room isn’t big enough feel free just be sure to buy a drink

        10) Coworking?

        Between 11-6pm in the week indies venture down and run co-working if you fancy bringing a pack lunch and using our wifi all they ask is a £2 donation to cover the dev that has to open up and supervise. Entry is through the side door at the back so if you see people inside come say hello!


        Indies at work

        Anything else you need to know just drop us an email!


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          Show games!


          We need games!
          So thanks to our snazzy Eventbrite scheduling you may have noticed Monday is a regular showcase day with each one aimed at covering different types of games. The problem we have is tracking down interesting games like yours (or your friends)

          Some people are amazing at the outreach side and get their games everywhere *cough* @spiltmilkstudio but we know there’s plenty of people that aren’t reading through our tweets or waiting for an email asking them to come along. 

          So this post is for you to stumble across…multiclash

          I live miles away and hate the general public

          No problem if you’d rather not see people playing your game and instead send us a playable code (at the moment we’re windows only) the only downside of this method is we have limited set ups so it may take a while to get to your game.

          But Monday is my Thimble Club meet up day so no

          Other brave folks have come down and showed of games outside of the confines of organised events, the difference is you’re the key draw so there may be less people but they will have far less to choose from.

          Olli Olli was shown all on its lonesome and their next game is hobnobbing on stage at E3, was that thanks to showing it off early? Not at all but you can follow in their footsteps!

          Fist of Awesome won fans and led to in game cameos after featuring at our first pop up and look at Nicolls beard! If you show your game you to could stimulate hair growth!

          Mmmmmm Beard

          Mmmmmm Beard

          What do I need to bring?

          Ideally just a laptop/device with HDMI out and any magic adaptors then we’ll lay on the screens/projectors and with advance notice can find some pads!

          I’ve got a crazy game that most people won’t make it past the title screen!

          Some customers haven’t seen a console in years we just ask that demos are playable to any uninformed gamers or urban foxes that may wonder in off the streets. 

          Is it really as simple as just bringing a game?

          Pretty much, just let us know what you want to show and when, we’ll either suggest a good showcase date or you can pick an evening to turn up and we’ll spam the masses about it!

           Ok I’m in how do we do this?

          Just use the contact form on this site or fire a tweet to @drinkrelaxplay  


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            Marvel at this!


            If you’ve ever paid us a visit on a Tuesday when the board games come out to party, you may have noticed a certain dice collecting game taking over. For those who prefer their games digital and have no clue what we are talking about, say hello to Marvel Dice masters.

            Due to popular demand, it is impossible to get hold of at the moment but that hasn’t stopped it taking over the lives of team Loading. Jimmy had been waiting to hear back from Gary Lineker in response to his feverish requests to join the BBC football commentary squad but alas the phone never rang.In the meantime he has teamed up with Richard and RollinDiceShow to instead lend his dulcet tones to this Die-Sport spectacle.

            Check it out below:


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              A new scenario…


              By now you may have noticed we’re not in Soho anymore, if you haven’t noticed this …


              Instead we had to pack our bags and find a new home which (unless you missed the home page) is in Dalston.


              Yes it’s more of a slog to get to unless you live in the North but to make up for this we’ve got more room to swing things around, such as cats, wii controllers and air guitars.

              Power ups:

              Draught beer! finally! (Currently Meantime, Symonds, Amstel, Staropramen)

              A later licence;  until 2am Friday/Saturday.

              A Stage; This stage has already played host to a bunch of video games, four One Life Left bonanza’s, three bands, one ‘Reads Like a Seven’ event, a VR showcase and we’re slowly bringing more people to the North (of London).

              A revamped menu; Some favorites have gone but they’re not forgotten, so if you still want a Donkey Konga we’ll gladly fix you one.


              You can see our current list of events up on Eventbrite here…… as well as enjoying a whole load of events that aren’t game specific (yes there’s a world beyond games apparently) run by our new friends, Scenario!

              Downstairs houses all of our games and this lounge is open all week so drop in when you want or come in specifically for one of our big showcase events on a Monday night.

              We still take table bookings and it’s still free, you just take care of the drinks orders when you arrive.

              See you in Dalston!

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                Event: EToo London


                Not making it to E3 this year? Fear not: London will be getting its own indie gaming alternative, which will coincide with the major LA-based gaming convention. Taking place at the Loading Bar in Soho from June 10th – 13th, EToo will feature over 30 game developers showing off their latest projects on big screen TVs around the venue. The event is being sponsored by PlayStation, with GameStick, the forthcoming Android console from British tech company PlayJam, as a partner sponsor.

                Developers set to show off new titles at the event include New Star Games (with an unseen new build of New Star Soccer!), Hello Games (Joe Danger), Mediatonic (showing forthcoming title, Foul Play), Nyamyam Games (Tengami), Big Robot (Sir You Are Being Hunted), Simon Roth (Maia), Tom Francis (Gunpoint), Tiniest Shark (Redshirt), Alistair Aitcheson (Slamjet Stadium), Curves Studios and Projector Games (Fortress Craft). Capcom will also be in attendance, running playable demos of Lost Planet 3 and the new HD version of classic platformer Duck Tales. More mainstream publishers are to be announced.

                As headline sponsor, PlayStation will be in attendance, with Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us playable, as well as innovative platform adventure Rain and perhaps some surprise extras. David Wilson, Head of PR for PlayStation UK said, “PlayStation is pretty excited about EToo. As well as giving attendees the chance to witness our E3 conference live, there’ll be loads of time to get hands on with a range of awesome games from the blockbuster, The Last Of Us, to the small but beautifully formed Rain”

                PlayJam will be showing off its innovative Android console, GameStick, set for launch in July. Sameer R. Baroova, head of games at PlayJam commented, ”What better way to celebrate the most exciting week in gaming than to spend it playing awesome games, meeting developers and gamers, and discussing all things gaming. We are  excited to show off GameStick at EToo, and are very glad to be a part of it. Cheers to Keith and Georg for putting this together.”

                “This started off with me sulking on Twitter about not being able to go to E3,” says co-organiser Keith Stuart, the games commissioning editor at The Guardian. “Game developer Georg Backer replied and said we should do our own event. It probably should have ended there, but somehow it didn’t. The next thing is, Jimmy Dance, the owner of Loading Bar in Soho, was offering to host it. It was sort of like one of those Hollywood musicals – ‘hey, let’s put a show on right here’. But with less dancing.

                “We’re hugely grateful to Sony and PlayJam for covering the costs of this crazy endeavour so I don’t have to explain to my wife why I’ve spent most of our life savings on hiring video equipment.”

                Developers will demo their latest games throughout the day, as well as taking part in mini-talks and maybe even workshops. During the evenings, the event will also be running a live-streamed TV show from one corner of the bar, presented by Keith Stuart, Georg Backer and co-hosts including Rock Paper Shotgun writer Cara Ellison. Streamed via a dedicated YouTube channel and set to be embedded on the Guardian site, the programme will include E3 news and trailers, as well as developer interviews. Several guest stars are set to appear, including famed GoldenEye designer Martin Hollis. Popular gaming radio show OneLifeLeft will also stage a takeover event and mini-disco. More details soon!

                EToo takes place from June 10th-13th. The daily developer event is free to attend for the public, but anyone interested needs to pre-register. The evening livestream show, taking place between 7pm and midnight every night, will cost £6 to attend. This includes a free drink. Tickets and pre-registrations are available at

                For more information and regular updates, head to the official website and follow us on twitter @etoolondon

                To get in touch with the organisers, email

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                  Event: Weekend of the dead


                  To celebrate the release of the brand spanking new ‘Uprising’ DLC pack for Call of Duty: Mob of the Dead, we are converting Loading Soho into Alcatraz prison for three days!

                  Not only that, we will be offering up a couple of 4 player set ups, with tournaments running throughout the weekend with awesome prizes from our friends at Activision; Posters, games and other zombie related nicknaks.

                  There will be extra prizes and discounts available for those in costume as either ZOMBIES or MOBSTERS.

                  Right now we’ve got builders in; removing pillars, creating electric chairs and generally making us all feel like we have been incarcerated.

                  So, in simple terms:



                  Now THAT is a way to spend a weekend.

                  Come and join us as we party in the Penitentiary, sink shots in the slammer and play Call of Duty in the clinky.

                  Prohibition era drinks will be available so expect hard liquour and jail-house moonshine.

                  18+ Only due to gore and ‘adult themes’

                  53, Rupert Street, Soho

                  Free entry – Friday 19th April at 7pm until Sunday 21st at 11.30pm

                  Be there or be eaten by the walking dead!

                  Click here for the Facebook event if you want to let us know your coming.

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                    LucasArts retrospective


                    Last week saw the demise of one of the greatest developers in video games history. On Thursday April the 3rd there was a great disturbance in the force, as if 150 people had just been laid off. LucasArts shut its doors for the final time as Disney, the new Emperors of the Star Wars universe, closed it down.

                    jedi knight

                    The official LucasFilm statement said: “After evaluating our position in the games market, we’ve decided to shift LucasArts from an internal development to a licensing model, minimizing the company’s risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games.

                    “As a result of this change, we’ve had layoffs across the organization. We are incredibly appreciative and proud of the talented teams who have been developing our new titles.”

                    Reports are stating that Star Wars 1313, the next-gen game that was in production, has been cancelled and there has been no word on whether the superb looking game will ever see the light of day.

                    Most gamers aged twenty plus will have fond memories of at least one LucasArts’ games from the past. Whether it be taking down the Rebellion in Tie Fighter, beating up bikers in Full Throttle or turning yourself into a human cannonball in Monkey Island.


                    The studio released its first games, Ballblazer and Rescue on Fractalus!, in 1984 for the Atari 5200, Commodore 64 and other vintage games platforms. In 1990 the studio took control of the Star Wars franchise with the release of X-Wing, Star Wars games had previously been developed outside of the Lucas empire.

                    X-Wing was a game changer not only for LucasArts but for flight simulators in general. It spawned a long list of spin offs in the genre and help influence may other games in that style. After the release of iD’s classic Doom, they decided to jump into the first person shooter market with Dark Forces which soon gave birth to the classic Jedi Knight series.


                    Be it a flight sim, first person shooter or racing game every genre you can think of has a Star Wars game to its name. RTS, check. RPG, check. MMO, check. Kinect Title, check. Beat ‘em Up, check. I could go on and on and on and on about Star Wars, but, LucasArts created some very highly thought after titles outside of the force wielding universe.

                    Monkey Island and Grim Fandango are two of the most beloved point and click adventures available, packed with humour and unique stylistic graphics. Not to forget everyone’s favourite bunny and dog detective combo Sam and Max, who got a recent revival via Telltale Games.

                    With this loss we asked a few of the Loading friends and family to give their opinions and memories of the some of their favourite LucasArts games:

                    Toby Ellis, member of the Killer Bits video blog team:

                    For me, LucasArts epitomised exactly what the adventure game genre was meant to be. Their titles were, and remain to this day, the greatest games the style has ever seen. From the incredible humour of Day of the Tentacle to the grandiose sci-fi terror of The Dig, Lucasarts never failed to engage us on an emotional level, or to tell stories which will forever be etched in our memories.

                    AJ Lornie, head of Forte Sounds:

                    All I have to say is Mercenaries – Playground of Destruction, a game I loved every minute of, a game in its true sense, fun, over the top, fantastical and based around a simple premise, blow stuff up. It’s a great shame that Disney decided to shut the shop that brought us that and many over great (and not so great!) games; especially as they had some cool stuff in mid-development too. A real shame, but fond memories, none of which are related to some of the tat Star Wars games they made though!

                    Ryan Mackfall, CEO of Crashburn Media:

                    I remember being shown Jedi Knight 2 on the PC and it taking over my world. It went from just something I’d partake in between writing essays at university, to me hosting a full time running server overnight where people from all over the world would come to play. It was like nothing I’d ever played before, and the wish for a new Jedi knight game is with me to this day (and probably some of my friends). Discussions on red stance, blue stance, or yellow stance will never be the same again. The gaming world has lost something and I have a horrible feeling it will never be replaced.

                    Rhys Bonney, Internet Wrangler at Loading:

                    Monkey island was the game that marked my transition into being a ‘gamer’.

                    I remember buying Monkey Island via the phone in response to a magazine advert having only ever played the games that came with my second hand Amiga 1200. When it arrived in the box the size of a small fridge freezer I tentatively loaded it up and I sat down to play for the customary half an hour or so I had committed to other games in the past.

                    I didn’t move for 4 hours, at the time, this seemed like a marathon session but by the end of the week I had faked a flu to get out of school and increased my playtime for up to ten hours with bathroom breaks.

                    I had never played anything so witty and it was the first title I had ever seen that didn’t involve killing or being killed in any way, just excellent writing, character development and the trademark Lucasarts/Ron Gilbert humour.

                    The game to knock my ten hour sessions off the top spot was Monkey Island 2 which I played for almost 20 hours straight in one sitting without eating any meals (Bathroom breaks permitted, I am not an animal).

                    My mother would tell me I was spending too much time inside, my response?

                    ‘How appropriate, you fight like a cow.’

                    AJ Salisbury, Part-time Loading Security:

                    Firing up Tie Fighter: Collector’s Edition, which I had liberated from my brothers room like a Bothan Spy with some Death Star plans, and shooting rebel scum into small pieces has to be my favourite LucasArts moments.

                    At only the tender age of ten and trying to get a grasp of shield, engine and weapon management whilst dog fighting with the Rebellion’s finest was a thrill ride from start to finish and is still something that is missing from current gen consoles.

                    As a die-hard Star Wars fan being able to buddy up with friends and take my squadron into the battle of Endor with improved graphics would be awesome. Alas, with the closure of LucasArts this might not be something that I will ever get to experience.

                    Even though the closure is a sad day for the games industry, we at Loading are going to celebrate the life of one of the most beloved studios this Saturday the 13th of April at Loading Soho. Let us know your memories of LucasArts in the comments box below and we’ll hopefully see you at the weekend for out R.I.Party.

                    This article was written by Sandpaper Jones.

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