Staff Wanted

So we’re looking for a new member of staff but this is for a magic new role that we haven’t quite pinned down so what am I rambling about. We want someone to come on board part-time (20 hours/3 evenings one afternoon) and help manage the game space. Because we get a whole mix of people with half not being gamers a large part of the bars time is taken up imparting wisdom like:

“The Xbox One isn’t broken it’s just 360 games don’t work in it” and “please don’t take 10 boardgames at the same time”

So we want to have someone that isn’t busy with bar responsibilities and instead is all about the games, so you’d be helping set people up, recommending games and stopping the place look like a bomb site on busier nights.

If you get an urge to clean arcade machines we need you

Ideally we’re looking for someone with retail experience (somewhere like GAME) so you’ll already be a pro at helping deal with customer requests and know all things video game.

What this role means for us is we can add more set ups of less user friendly things like PC’s. For people that already know what they are doing when they arrive nothing changes but hopefully this will help people that don’t know their Wii from their WiiU enjoy the experience.

tl:dr: Like games industry things, good at organising mess & friendly = job

For more details and to send a CV email

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    Dying Night

    Every now and again we get an email out the blue from a games company, when I saw the sender was Techland Games I thought they were emailing to complain about the shoddy work we did last year recreating their Dead Island Trailer.

    Turns out it wasn’t their legal team but instead they wanted to talk Dying Light, their follow up that came out earlier this year and if we’d want to craft some cocktails for the latest DLC patch Bozak Horde? So for the games launch and all week we’ll be serving up Dying Light drinks.


    But if free games is your thing Tuesday our usual Table Top night is getting an undead makeover, we’ll have Zombie Dice as the featured game and Dying Light will be playable downstairs with one two twenty copies of the game and season passes to give away throughout the night!

    All you need to do is turn up from 7pm and anyone that samples a Dying Light cocktail/mocktail goes in the draw for a code.

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      Having cut our teeth with stupidly helping attempt to recreate E3 not once but twice we thought we do things a third time.

      Rather than focus on the sampling side this year we want to bring the conference experience closer to home (insert your own jokes about poor air conditioning) we’ve teamed up with visual creative Jackson Tayler to create our own in house rig and will have a VJ on site suffering for over 12 hours to make the showcase look as good as possible.


      As part of your ticket price you can set up home from 4pm all the way through until 5am when we’ll wrap up after the Sony conference (5am is conveniently the time Dalston Mcdonalds opens for breakfast) we’ll be supplying food during the night and £10 of that ticket price is given to you in bar tokens not unlike Bison Dollars only a little more useful.


      Downstairs will still have a plethora of games meaning if you want to duck out at any time you can take shelter down there.

      Don’t want to come to the bar when you can watch the whole thing without the hassle of conforming to social norms, no problem we’ll be streaming the whole thing on our twitch channel with the conferences included.

      Part of the games press? Downstairs will have a cabled connection if you are looking for somewhere to report on things drop us an email and we’ll sort you a press ticket

      Hate that idea as well – then this is not the webpage you’re looking for


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        A twitch that just wont quit

        If you follow us on social media you may of noticed we’ve started spamming about our twitch channel a fair bit, so what’s the plan?

        Having heard of this new fangled Twitch thing we thought it was time we allowed people a way to see what was going on in the bar without hacking into our CCTV. The idea behind the channel will be to let people that can never make it to the bar get a prime spot at launches, parties and occasionally behind the bar as we stream live from downstairs.

        What’s the format?

        So inspired by the work of Wayne Campbell and Garth Elgar we’ve decided to bring the world of cable access television to twitch but instead of someone’s parents basement it’s coming from the games room in the bar.

        Inactive_Screen (1)

        Who am I watching?

        Monday we have Jordan Fuller aka Sofa Guy, after his breakout role in such streams as Jurassic Park and Borderlands, he’s following in the footsteps of Cleveland Brown, Fraiser and erm Joey. Each week he’ll have the sofa to himself and be playing a mix of latest releases and retro classics.

        Tuesday and Wednesday

        Our presenting suprimo Chris Slight will try and keep things in order with Jimmy manning the technical desk from some inexplicable reason.

        We’ll be joined by a mix of VIP’s, random public and uninvited guests who we’ll force to play games with more skill than us. There will also be giveaways in the chat and if you make it along probably biscuits!

        Also expect the odd plug to help pay the bills!

        Bringing it home will be a little different with guest streamers taking over the channel from the privacy of their own home on our behalf, expect better similar quality to our in-house streams!

        You can see all the episodes we’ve already put together here



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          So over the past few months we’ve been getting into Dungeons and Dragons mainly inspired by themed episodes in Community and IT crowd Having loved what we’ve played we wanted to do something to make it easier for people to get into the game themselves.

          D&D Sunday is going to be us setting up larger tables then offering up a wealth of materials you can use to run your own campaigns. No idea where to start? We’ll also be trying to help link up wanna be DM’s with novice adventurers so if you want to play D&D but weren’t sure where to start come down from the 8th of March then any Sunday and form a party.

          What items do we have?

          Starter Sets, dice, counters, DM screens, Tile sets, player guides and more!

          So all you need to do is pay us a visit after 3pm on a Sunday.

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            Community Screening

            So due to circumstances within our control we kinda Britta’d the season premier idea, one idea was to Winger it, we also Troy-ed with canning the whole thing. Had it Dean (pause) Annie other franchise we’d of Fat Niel-ed on our sword and the dream would Shirley have died…but we’ve Chang’d things up a little and had Abed-er idea and will be celebrating the new season by screening classic episodes and showing all three of the new season…erm PIERCE

            Downstairs we’ll be crafting our best blanket fort but if you’re more of a Pillowtown person you can bring your own pillows and set up home elsewhere.

            We’ll be kicking things off from 6pm  on the Thursday the 26th with newer episodes from 9.30pm, with an event of this Magnitude there’ll be cocktails in honour of each of the main characters, Subway, KFC and free use of a computer to try Yahoo’s search engine!

            If you’re the first person to make Star Burns side burns out of Fuzzy Felt and wear them all night a £20 bar tab is yours, £50 if they are real!

            #AnniesBoobs #SixSeasonsAndamovie #SixCocktailsAndaSmoothie

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              We’ve got an App!

              While conventional wisdom would say if you want to do a rewards system in a bar you get a really cheap to produce business card and stamp system…

              We decided to make a whole system involving Bluetooth key fobs and fail safe back office settings, somehow it seems to of been approved Apple for your downloading pleasure here

              At the moment things are fairly basic, open the app in the bar and you’ll unlock an item of clothing for our Mr Lumber Lumber man (Soon to be joined by a few other avatar options) get all 7 unlocks and you earn a free beer/wine/soft drink.

              If you have an iOS device please give it a download and if you have ideas of what you’d like to see, say unlockable happy hours like ‘Be At Ones’ app now’s the time for suggestions.


              Why no Android?!

              It is coming, our app wizard is busy getting this version working before getting a port for Android under way.

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                Drinking Games: World of Barcraft

                In the first of a new series of videos answering at least one request we’ve had you can now make our cocktails at home with a little help from our new video expert Chris Slight

                You can catch the video below and every view moves Chris further away from having to work in retail and a step closer to his dream/nightmare of being forced to make videos for us full time.

                You also get the chance to see the aborted cover art that was vetoed that I spent at least 10 seconds designing.




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                  Play Olli Olli 2

                  It was a little over 12 months ago Thomas and John from Roll 7 brought an unreleased build of Olli Olli into the bar for people to sample, it’s taken me about this long to learn that you really don’t need to press X to jump and instead tap to land. (Thanks Tony Hawks muscle memory)


                  A fair few sales later and critical success their bringing it back the sequel only this time it’s not just the Vita version and instead of keeping my failure consigned to the small screen I have to do it alongside 3 other people in local co-op.

                  Upstairs we’ll be offering up prizes for the winners (and the odd monumental losers) who brave the new mode and get the bragging rights of being the first time public can get their mitts on the mode.

                  Our resident DJ has been briefed to play some classic skate tracks and he’s refusing to listen to my demands to just play this on loop:

                  As well as this we’ll be bringing our own abridged history of skate with a selection of classic and not so classic *cough* Tony Hawks Ride *cough* games.

                  It’s free and kick flips off from 7pm


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                    We’re old lets party

                    So back in March 2010 Loading opened with the idea of offering games and drinks, thanks to all kinds of people its now 5 years old and still doing just that. To celebrate we’re reuniting the team that put together our Eurogamer party last summer and going all out so expect:

                    • Midnight Resistance Stage – Boldly taking their podcast where it hasn’t gone before with them recording live 8-9 on the stage as well as curating our games offering.
                    • Games – As well as party favourites we’ve got titles like Volume ahead of launch with a level set in the bar!
                    • Live SetsSabrepulse is back behind the decks along with friends to start the party upstairs.
                    • New Menu – First Person Shooters are returning and they’ll be plenty of new cocktails.

                    • Late Licence – Well if you’re heading out you should be able to relax so the music winds down at 2am but people can drink and play until 4am.
                    • Giveaways – We’re calling in favours from all our games industry friends to get shiny things to give away all night.
                    • Cake – Well it wouldn’t be a birthday without cake! 

                      Tickets? IT’S FREE ENTRY – YOU JUST BUY THE DRINKS!

                    Details? We’ll add more details as we reveal them but the important part is it’s March 14th from 8pm

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